Saturday, May 12, 2012

ShEShE: Home Magician. Quick Change Artist. Cushion Maker

Walk along with me if you will
to this sweet little garden oasis....
located in Donna's backyard.
Isn't it perfect?
Donna is the bomb gardener!!
Her backyard is like a fairyland!

She bought this bright turquoise bench from me awhile back...

and now it's out under her arbor in the backyard.
I just delivered these cushions to her....

along with this fun pillow that I made from a seed sack she had...

I purchased this fun fabric at Ufab.
And you know me, 
I like to change things out, 
so I purchased a 2nd fabric for the other side.

And I also covered the two little chair seat cushions in the same fabric....
The first one....
And presto chango! The 2nd one! 
Love the koi.  
Also from Ufab.
So she can use all of the cushions on one side, 
or flip some or all to the other side...
The options are limitless!

Too many decisions.  
I might have to nap on this....
and I know the perfect little spot!

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